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A message from Michael Hunt posted in the General Discussion area of the forum. Thought it would make a good announcement too.

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Introduce Yourself To The Group

22 Jan 2015 14:38 #109 by junkjeteye
junkjeteye replied the topic: Introduce Yourself To The Group
Hi all I am Freddy Schneider. I have been in the hobby sense I was about 10 years old. I am now 50 as of yesterday wow.
I fly a shockjet. Also some cubs and trainers and warbirds. Basically anything I can get my hands on. I will see everyone soon at the field.

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18 Mar 2014 12:58 #59 by jwilliams
jwilliams replied the topic: Introduce Yourself To The Group
Good stories guys, thanks for sharing. My Dad was a private pilot and I had flown with him some but was not all that interested in airplanes. They were just OK. My Dad stopped flying in 1976 due to the rising costs and was idle in all things aviation for about 2 years. Around 1977 I got a U Control Cox PT19 and flew it in the yard one summer, I was having fun and wanted a larger U Control. My Dad and I talked about this so the next summer we deiced to go radio control. We bought a used setup in a Lanier planes, radio, engine setup and started trying to learn. THe plane did not last long and from that point we kept getting more planes and developing skills. I flew pretty regularly till about 1987, as I graduated college and started into my career path, I was moving, no money etc my planes laid idle so I sold everything. In 1990 I moved again to a job but got a little money to work with so I bought all new stuff and started flying light aerobatics. Again I flew regularly till about 1995 then I would just fly a couple times a year as I moved again started a family. Then in 1998 Dave Roskowski called me and said he wanted to get into RC. I got my stuff going again and have remained very active since then. Over the years I have flown combat, gliders, ducted fans, delta wings for speed, foamies indoors but my main passion is aerobatics to include precision and 3D. I still enjoy the hobby like my first day and have been blessed to meet many great people and share many great times since the late 70's.
Jeff Williams
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24 Feb 2014 23:51 #36 by mhunt
mhunt replied the topic: Introduce Yourself To The Group
Ok, most of you guys know me but some of the newbies might not.
Just a little about me.....I got started in planes in the mid 70's. I say planes and not RC because me and my two brothers got a Cox plane when I was young and I was hooked. Boy was my fingers cut all up and the batteries we went through to get those things running. I got into RC in 88 when I borrowed my brothers trainer and flew that for a while. My second plane was a Thunder Tiger Stick with a .46 on it. By the end of the summer I was stripping gears out of the aileron servo (it only had one) because I was flying so crazy. Early on I saw Joe Franklin fly a little fast plane.....I was hook....need for speed. I think Joe is a little proud of that....he always says he's to blame for my flying fast planes. I started flying bigger planes 33% with gassers in the early 90's. I flew heli's in the mid 90's. I was lucky enough to run into one of the nicest guys I know....Bill Beach. I started teaching him how to fly and anyone who knows Bill, when he does something....he goes all out. He got a couple big planes but it wasn't until we went to a Fly in and saw some jets that we both looked at each other and we said....we gotta do that. We got our first jet and I was certified in 2001. I never been around turbines so it was a blast (pun intended) learning something new. I mounted the turbine on a plywood plate to start up and get familiar with it before we put it in a plane. We strap it to the back of his Gator. When if fired up....we were both like kids on Christmas morning. I have had the privilege to be able to fly some of the nicest plane around thanks to Bill. The old Cenergy grass field was nice, but really not made for jets. In 2005 we started looking for a place to build a flying site that we could put a runway on that we could fly our jets off of. Bill found a spot and the field was born. Its taken him about 7 years to get it were it looks like today.....and he's still making improvements. Bill doesn't fly much but he gets his enjoyment out of seeing people come out and fly and sees people enjoying his field. We are grateful enough and lucky enough to have a man that enjoys to give as he does. Hopefully I can get him out and flying again this year.
Well, I never meant it to be this long.....but as you can tell I love RC Planes.
I hope to see all of you guys out at the field with your new planes. Its a much fun to see and hang out with you guys as it is to fly.

Michael Hunt

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24 Feb 2014 11:51 #35 by twalsh
twalsh replied the topic: Introduce Yourself To The Group
Hello all,
My name is Terry and I am an R/C-aholic.
I got started about 27 years ago with an old Cox Sportavia; I wore that thing out.
Then life got in the way and I was out of the hobby for the next couple decades.
Now I am back and feel like I am starting all over. So much has changed, but it's nice to know that there are still great people to help out.
Look forward to flying with you all.

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19 Feb 2014 23:30 - 19 Feb 2014 23:32 #22 by kdstewart2
kdstewart2 replied the topic: Introduce Yourself To The Group
My introduction into this wonderful hobby came from none other than my dad Ken Stewart, yes it is not a coincidence we have the same name. Last year my dad had my brother out to the field while I was at work. He came back from the field that day and proceeded to tell me about the fun day he had flying planes. FLYING PLANES? That does sound like fun. The next time dad went to the field I was there to see what all the fuss was about and i was hooked. It didn't take me long to figure out that I wanted to fly as well. So within the same season i got my AMA and club membership lined out and I was at the field every opportunity that came around. Even in the winter. (Dad's a little crazy but has heaters!) Now I own 1.5 planes and a flight box.(Dad and I bought one together because i wanted the radio) I still claim the left side of the plane because I only like to make left turns. Seriously. It's like watching Nascar when i fly. My wife wants to kill me or her father in law for introducing me to yet another hobby (almost had to give up hunting) but I wouldn't have it any other way. The field is amazing and one day I hope to land a plane on the nice pavement, but I am still a far way from being comfortable in my approach. Good thing I have a great instructor, I've only took out two props on my two attempts. Could be worse. I look forward to meeting new people and it is ok if you approach me thinking I am my dad. I get it way too often.

Kenny Stewart
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17 Feb 2014 16:58 #10 by admin
admin replied the topic: Introduce Yourself To The Group

daveneumann wrote: It was pretty much the same story my first year: buy - build - fly - crash - repeat! I hope to skip that crash step and keep my planes a little longer.


Every time I think about reading this, I start laughing. That has got to be one of the funniest lines I have heard. If you want to try a different step #4 LAND. LOL

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